School preparation program „Ready for School“

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Digital program is available only in Estonian language.

DigiLa offers children the opportunity to dive into an exciting learning world without leaving home.

The education is structured progressively from simpler to more complex. Initially, we explore the fascinating world of sounds, letters, numbers, and arithmetic. Then we sail through the seas of words and sentences. We will definitely investigate what is hidden in our minds: we will puzzle, discover, and experiment! In addition, we constantly engage in values education – social intelligence is an important skill that cannot be overlooked. We develop creativity, analytical skills, and functional reading. It will be a fun journey!

The program is child-friendly and easy to use. Clear instructions are provided by the teacher in short videos before completing the worksheets.


  • Human Studies
  • Estonian Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences

In addition, we share recommendations for physical activity and fun tips for manual activities.

The DigiLa preschool program, videos, and worksheets have been created by Margit Rüsse, a primary school teacher at Tallinn Old Town Educational Collegium. Margit has 15 years of experience as a teacher in preschool and primary school. Her created program helps prepare children for any school tests and allows parents to choose the teaching pace and location based on the child’s abilities and interests.

Currently, we offer the opportunity to purchase the virtual preschool program on a monthly basis.

You are very welcome to learn and discover with us!

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