Hobby activities help to discover a child’s talent

Everyone has innate talents, the discovery of which requires the right time and environment. Pre-school hobby education plays an important role in finding natural talent. During this time, a child may discover a vocation to pursue consistently in the future.

Skills for the future

The fastest development of a child occurs between the ages of 0-7, laying the foundation of skills for life. During this time, a child has a tremendous desire and ability to acquire information and adapt to changes. Up to the age of three, a child has innate power and will to act, and thereafter, willpower guides them. Engaging in hobby education teaches a child goal-setting and the opportunity to practice them often imperceptibly.

In addition to discovering one’s abilities and developing specialized skills, hobby education also helps develop general skills necessary for further education, work, and personal life. Scientists have highlighted the following skills: self-regulation, cooperation, communication, adaptability, and creative thinking. These qualities can be applied by a child in any subsequent situation, whether stressful or pleasant.

Gives children confidence

Hobby groups give children the opportunity to get to know themselves. A person’s personality can manifest itself through various activities, such as how they behave in social situations and what thoughts they express.

Hobby education also helps improve a child’s self-image. Studies have shown that the more a child engages in things they enjoy, the higher their self-esteem. In the usual curriculum of kindergarten, for example, some children may not feel confident in, say, math, and instead enjoy crafts, or vice versa. Therefore, it is also important for parents to notice their child’s strengths in order to guide them accordingly into hobby groups.

Parental support is necessary

The role of a parent is to notice and support a child’s interests and to motivate them as they grow older. The most important thing is to create positive experiences and emotions in the child, offering them interesting experiences and the opportunity to explore various fields. The main thing is to bring joy to the child.

From DigiLa you can find various hobby activities to do with your child at home:

  • Music and creativity class for children aged 1-4
  • Gymnastics for children aged 0-4
  • Science class for children aged 5-7

NB! The classes are in Estonian! You can find hobby groups HERE.